Far-Right Loon: “I Want To Marry 16-Year-Old When I’m 30”

Far-Right Loon: “I Want To Marry 16-Year-Old When I’m 30”
Nick Fuentes (screen capture)

Christian fascist, Mar-a-Lago dinner guest, and Marjorie Taylor Greene pal Nick Fuentes, shares his creepy af view of marriage.

And that would include turning 30 and then marrying a 16-year-old wife.

But according to his ilk, the gays are the pedophiles???

Transcript via Right Wing Watch:

“I gotta find my 16-year-old wife. Probably when I turn 30 or something. Cause here’s the thing: I don’t wanna be like, let’s say I get married to an 18-year old now. Six year age difference.

“When I turn 40, she’s going to be 34. Ew. You wouldn’t have to settle for these women who are all busted up, and you gotta settle, and they have a tattoo and like, ‘This is how I am. You just can’t handle all this?’

“I want a 16-year-old that’s untouched. Untouched, pristine. Untouched, uncorrupted, innocent. That’s what we all want. And all 16-year-olds want a older guy, who’s like, capable and strong, and everything, to sweep her off her feet.

“That’s what everybody wants. That’s what everybody wants.” 

Imagine a 30-year-old gay man telling the world he wants to marry a 16-year-old boy.