Euro-Dance Bop ‘Planet Of The Bass’ – Song Of The Summer?

Planet of the Bass

Ok, wait, wait, wait, wait…. is this the new song of the summer – “The Planet of Bass (feat. DJ Crazy Times & Biljana Electronica).

Actually – it’s a spoof of ’90s euro/pop dance music. But from the booming bass and the pop synths to the blond female singer to the ‘alpha male’ shouting commands in his rap, it’s totally spot on.

The credit goes to New York comedian Kyle Gordon, although I hear he’s sometimes billed (as he is here) as DJ Crazy Times. His partner in crime, Ms. Biljana Electronica, is served up by actress Audrey Trullinger.

The lyrics sound like something you’d get if you tossed a few uplifting phrases into an AI generator:

All of the dream / How does it mean
When the rhythm is glad / There is nothing to be sad

The one-minute clip already has over 7 million views across social media. The full song is set for release August 22.

Watch the one minute teaser below.