Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ Crash & Burn Interview On 60 MINUTES

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ Crash & Burn Interview On 60 MINUTES
Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos struggled mightily last night in a sit-down interview with 60 Minutes journalist Lesley Stahl to answer even simple questions about public school’ performance.

Even on questions about schools in her home state of Michigan, where public schools there have gotten worse, DeVos admitted she hadn’t “intentionally visited schools that are underperforming.”

Stahl’s response? “Maybe you should.”

DeVos became Education Secretary as reward for her family’s huge donations to Republican campaigns and causes. She married an heir to the Amway fortune and has made destroying the public school system the cause of her life.

DeVos says her actions have been to champion “choice” but in truth her goal is for religious schools to take over education in America.

Rather than address the issues with traditional public schools, DeVos’ battlecry is to allow parents to take their children out of public school systems, give them funds in the form of a voucher and then let the parents enroll their children in private religious schools. The problem is that the funds pulled out of public schools cause those schools to slide even further in decline.

And since the vouchers don’t cover the full cost of private schools, lower income families are left behind with the remains of a decaying public school system.

Put simply, DeVos is a huge threat to public education and the separation of church and state in America.

Like the rest of Donald Trump’s cabinet, DeVos is a champion of deregulation. As Secretary of Education she is tasked with overseeing guidelines that protect the civil rights of students.

But mere days after being confirmed, she rescinded Obama-era guidelines that allowed transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice. What a surprise.

Here’s a link to the full transcript of last night’s debacle.