Donald Trump’s Fake Steaks

Earlier this week, Donald Trump attempted to quash the idea that any of his business ventures have been failures.

The idea has been trotted out by GOP opponent Sen. Marco Rubio on the campaign trail the last couple of weeks.

At a celebration/press event Tuesday night, the Trumpster showed off many of his “products.” Among them were several “Trump Steaks” – even though the public was under the impression the venture closed up shop years ago.

It turns out the trademark for Trump Steaks lapsed over a year ago.

From NBC:

The trademark the Republican presidential front-runner took on Trump Steaks in August 2006 was canceled eight years later, in December 2014, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The supposed Trump Steaks that the GOP front runner trotted out Tuesday after notching primary victories in Mississippi and Michigan are actually from Bush Brothers Provisions, a longtime West Palm Beach meat purveyor, according to the company. (It’s not connected to Trump’s ousted rival Jeb Bush.)

It is not unusual for meat to be purchased wholesale and rebranded, but that did not appear to be the case with the meat presented Tuesday. In fact, some of the meat on the butcher board was still wrapped in Bush Brothers packaging. None of the meat appeared to be in Trump Steaks packaging.

“We do supply his properties in Palm Beach County with beef,” a company spokesman told NBC News, referring to Trump. “He’s a customer.”

So, basically, Trump is attempting some double-talk here. In a sense, he does sell steaks – in his restaurants of his hotels for diners to enjoy.

BUT – the business named “Trump Steaks” does not sell any product and is out of business.

Do we really want a president who’s ego is so fragile that he has to parse things so minutely so as to not admit a failure?