Donald Trump Threatens To Sue Those Responsible For “Nasty” Ads

Campaigning in Nevada today, GOP White House hopeful Donald Trump announced he’s going to sue whoever put together a “nasty” campaign ad showing military veterans criticizing his statements about Purple Hearts, sacrifice and more.

“I saw today, I left the room and I saw a commercial where it was really a nasty commercial, totally made up about me with vets. There is nobody that loves the vets more or respects the vets more.

“They’re spending hundreds of millions of dollars on false commercials and it’s a disgrace. So what we’ll do — I guess we’ll sue them. Let’s sue them. Right? Let’s sue them.”

Trump never names the ad or the group running the ad that got his back up.

But he’s gonna sue them. Believe me. (sarcasm intended)

(h/t JoeMyGod)