Donald Trump Has 1 Florida Field Office – Hilary Clinton Has 51

Donald Trump doesn’t believe you need voter data and field offices to win a presidential election.

For instance, in Florida Trump currently has one field office.


By comparison, back in 2012, Mitt Romney had 24 offices in Florida by June 2012.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that the Trump campaign says they do have three RVs working as “mobile field offices” on the move in the state helping to organize Trump voters.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has 51 field offices in the Sunshine State. Thirty-two were opened in the last month alone.

As many political pundits have noted, Trump’s path to victory in the electoral college has to include Florida. It’s pretty much a “do or die” state for him. Currently, Clinton leads Trump in Florida by about 3 points according to the Real Clear Politics poll average.

Also worth noting that there are 259,000 more registered Democratic voters than Republican. So, Donald is going to need every Republican vote he can get. And that’s where field offices show their value in terms of GOTV efforts.