Donald Trump Goes Full Twitter Tirade Against “Corrupt Media”

Donald Trump Goes Full Twitter Tirade Against “Corrupt Media”

Beginning with the “failing” New York Times and eventually encompassing all “corrupt media,” Republican Donald Trump went on a Twitter tirade about what he feels is unfair reporting on behalf of his presidential campaign when the media repeats what he says word for word.

It all began with an article by the New York Times which interviewed 20 prominent Republicans who described Trump’s campaign as flailing in “a dire predicament.”

Nearly two months later, the effort to save Mr. Trump from himself has plainly failed. He has repeatedly signaled to his advisers and allies his willingness to change and adapt, but has grown only more volatile and prone to provocation since then, clashing with a Gold Star family, making comments that have been seen as inciting violence and linking his political opponents to terrorism.

Advisers who once hoped a Pygmalion-like transformation would refashion a crudely effective political showman into a plausible American president now increasingly concede that Mr. Trump may be beyond coaching. He has ignored their pleas and counsel as his poll numbers have dropped, boasting to friends about the size of his crowds and maintaining that he can read surveys better than the professionals.

In private, Mr. Trump’s mood is often sullen and erratic, his associates say. He veers from barking at members of his staff to grumbling about how he was better off following his own instincts during the primaries and suggesting he should not have heeded their calls for change.

In now “classic Trump” mode, the GOP nominee began vomiting his bile out into the Twitterverse.