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Documentary: Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo In “Rebels On Pointe”

With screenings at dozens of major film festivals, Rebels on Pointe celebrates the all-male ballet company’s top-shelf technique as well as the dancers’ incredible physical comedy that is the foundation of the company’s broad appeal.

Clip description:

Rebels on Pointe is the first-ever, cinéma vérité documentary film celebrating Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo — the all-male, drag ballet company founded over 40 years ago on the heels of New York’s Stonewall riots.

The company has performed in over 500 cities and 33 countries, and has a cult following around the world. The film juxtaposes exclusive, behind-the-scenes access and intimate, character-driven stories of its dancers, highlighted by amazing performances shot around the world.

Rebels on Pointe ultimately celebrates our shared humanity through universal themes of identity, dreams, family, love, loss, determination and resilience… proving that a ballerina is not merely a woman dancing, but an act of revolution in a tutu.

The documentary will have it’s U.S. theatrical premiere tonight in NYC and then roll out additional showings across the country. Click here for more info.

Watch the trailer below.