Documentary “Bully” opens today in LA and NYC

Documentary “Bully” opens today in LA and NYC

After months of controversy over the MPAA rating for Lee Hirsch’s chronicle of the bullying epidemic, the powerful, heartbreaking documentary is finally being released unrated.

I speak to this because I personally dealt with being bullied – verbally and physically – when I was young.  I look back and realize I lost several years of moving forward because I was concerned with how my peers treated me in middle and high school. 

I got past that, clearly.  And learned to not only own myself, but to respect everyone who might be perceived as “different.”  As a matter of fact, I celebrate diversity today because of my experience – in great part because I experienced what I did.

Bully opens today in Los Angeles and New York, with more cities to be announced soon. Please go – and take your kids.

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