Dixon Dallas Croons About Getting Lucky In ‘F150’

Dixon Dallas, the country music alter-ego of rapper Jake Hill, has dropped two new songs following his raunchy viral hit "Good Lookin'" earlier this summer.
Dixon Dallas (via Instagram)

Dixon Dallas, the country music alter-ego of rapper Jake Hill, dropped two new songs today following his raunchy viral hit “Good Lookin'” earlier this summer.

The first new track – “F150” – takes on a similar cheeky vibe as “Good Lookin,'” with Dallas crooning about getting lucky in the back of an F150 pickup truck.

When we get to sippin’ whiskey, and we get a little frisky
 I climb up on him, ride him like an F-150
Got me hooting and hollering; I’m begging him for more
Nothing but my boots on, baby let’s get down on the floor

You ain’t gotta say nothing; we can get to loving
Maybe for a week, or maybe just for tonight
A little bit of sinning; I love the way he’s grinning
When I turn around, he cracks me open like a cold Bud Light

“Better Without You” is a more straightforward breakup song as Dallas works his way through the emotional aftermath of a failed relationship.

I’m doing better without you, and I know you hate it
I used to think you were the one, but you ain’t
No more dancing around it, and I hate to say it
But you damn sure ain’t the one that got away

When “Good Lookin'” took off several weeks ago, some wondered if Hill/Dallas was “gay-baiting” with his saucy lyrics. But he waved such notions away telling PRIDE earlier this month

“Growing up in the south, you’re taught how to think a certain way. I reached a point where I started thinking for myself. My music is a big f*** you to my past.

“No, I haven’t disclosed my sexuality. I could be gay. I could be straight. I could be bi. At the end of the day, I feel like it doesn’t matter. There’s no law that says I can’t write a song about getting my booty cheeks bounced off of.”

Last week, he offered up this “clarification” on TikTok which has garnered over 2.3 million views:


Dixon Dallas is clearing the air #fyp #dixondallas #countrymusic

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