Dear Randy Report readers…

Dear Randy Report readers…
Last dip in the pool before heading to OKC….

Just a heads up to say that I will be posting for the next couple of weeks, albeit at odd times as I will be heading to Oklahoma City to choreograph “Sweet Charity” for the Lyric Theater – where I actually got my professional start in theater 31 years ago… (but age is a state of mind…  ignore the number, what state of mind would you like me to be?)

Along the way I will be posting during the early morning and evening hours – so please keep coming to catch up on the news and my personal spin on life  🙂

I also plan to post a “song a day” of what I happen to be working on with the cast of “Sweet Charity” so you know what I’m up to.  That’s really the point of a blog anyway, isn’t it?

I’ll also post pictures from rehearsals and other events when I can keep you informed of life along the way.

Thanks in advance for staying with me and continuing to check in on The Randy Report.