DC Comics Teases Possible ‘Justice League Queer’ Series

Superman with an LGBTQ Pride flag
(image via DC Comics)

DC Comics is asking fans to vote on 16 different stories to determine which one will be made into a complete comic book series.

One of the 16 contenders is titled, “Justice League Queer.” The description for the series reads, “Eight young queer heroes investigate a series of monstrous manifestations around the world and discover that something much more terrifying is coming.”

Some of the other possible titles include Green Lanterns: Underworld On Fire, Lobo / Animal Man: Scorched Earth, Robins, Blue Beetle: Graduation Day, Nightrunner: Love in Paris, Superman & Lois: Ignition, and Suicide Squad Seven.

The voting on the very different stories is going on right now in round robin style.

In the first round, “Justice League Queer” is up against a series called “Robins” which tells the tale of former Batman sidekicks meeting up.

It looks like Aqualad and Dreamer make the JLQ team

With three days left, “Robins” is currently leading “Justice League Queer” 54% to 45%.

I’d totally love to see what an LGBTQ Justice League would look like.

And yes, I voted 🙂