New Music: Darlin! The Band “Breathe”

Darlin! The Band release their debut single "Breathe"
Darlin! The Band

Brooklyn alt glam-pop outfit Darlin! The Band debut their new single “Breathe.”

Written about living at the intersection of having a Grindr account and an anxiety disorder, “Breathe” follows the singer on his voyage to connection, from linking with strangers online to trying to eliminate long-held fears of intimacy and craft a valuable relationship.

“It is about my experience being terrified to meet up with people on dating apps – out of fear of connection, or out of fear of letting them down and not meeting their expectations – or feeling like I wouldn’t ‘know what I was doing’,” says lead singer Michael Doshier.

The music video for “Breathe” features re-enactments of 80s exercise classes with vintage elements of VHS filters make for a fun, breezy throwback video.

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Michael Doshier (Vocals), Wesley Estrella (Keys & Bass), Can Guler (Drums) and Ben Moureau (Guitar) form the New York quartet with plans of bringing ‘purposeful pop’ to the forefront.

Michael had spent years as a staple cabaret act in NYC’s underground queer theatre scene. Wesley, Can, and Ben, meanwhile, had been cutting their teeth in renowned NYC venues with other bands.

One Craigslist ad later, the four found each other. And now, Darlin! The Band fuses the worlds of its mates to create a candescent blend of glowing synths, confessional songwriting, and grooving textures.

Check out the video and follow Darlin! The Band on Instagram here.