Crush Club Has Us Bouncing With ‘Bohanna’ Feat. Amazonian Rockstar

Crush Club - vocalist TC Milan and producer/multi-instrumentalist Le Chev
Crush Club (photo: Cassie Hunter)

Disco-house duo Crush Club (comprised of vocalist TC Milan and producer/multi-instrumentalist Le Chev) recently dropped their new summer single “Bohanna,” with long-term collaborator and non-binary vocalist Amazonian Rockstar.

Bells and rhythmic percussion introduce a track imbued with the joy of a hot summer’s day and the unbridled joy that can only come from spending a long day in the sun with friends.

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As mirrored in the single artwork’s psychedelic tie-dye effect, “Bohanna” draws on tropical rhythms and the kaleidoscopic implications of city-based parties.”Bohanna, music for dancing” Amazonian Rockstar sings in the song’s refrain, their soaring vocals contributing to the Carnivalesque overtones that emanate from the song.

“”Bohanna” is our latest collaboration with our favorite singer Amazonian Rockstar,” Crush Club shared in a press statement. “With this Latin-House banger we imagine the Goddess of Dance, Bohanna guiding us through these complicated times. She reminds us to love, dance, and make music forever.”

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