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Contestant on THE BACHELOR calls Juan Pablo out for homophobic remark

As this season of THE BACHELOR is apparently winding down (I’ll admit I don’t watch the show regularly), the women of Season 18 got together Monday night to talk about their thoughts, experiences and disappointments in Juan Pablo Galavis.

In a recap of the show, TIME includes contestant Kelly’s tearful rant (labeled “awkward”) directed at Juan Pablo over his famous statement that gay people were “too pervert” to be on the show.

Kelly, who apparently has two fathers, takes the opportunity to call Juan Pablo out on his homophobic remarks.

As tears roll down her face, she demands an explanation and he refuses to give her one, saying that he wants to talk to her for an hour instead of deliver a four-minute sound bite.

As the women holler at him, Sharleen, once again, defends him. She says that on their date they talked about equality and he seemed cool with it and that’s good enough for her.

I’ve posted about the famous “pervert” comment here before. I will say this: while Juan Pablo called the comment “taken out of context” and that he “loves” gay people, I think he seems to have a good grasp of the English language. How the word “pervert” came to him when he says what he meant was “passionate” is still hard for me to buy.

In the end, it all won’t matter. The season ends soon, and Juan Pablo will sit by the phone waiting for his call to be on “Dancing With The Stars.”

(via TIME)