Cocktails with Brenda Braxton and Roz Ryan

Brenda Braxton (L), me and Roz Ryan (R) drinking, boozing, having a few laughs…

I’m currently in Sacramento, Calif, choreographing a new production (in the round; with a stage that often spins) of CHICAGO the Musical at Sacramento Music Circus.

On a lightning fast schedule, we’ve already staged half the show (Overture, All That Jazz, Cellblock Tango, All I Care About, Both Reached for the Gun, Roxie, Tap Dance and My Own Best Friend) in three days. Whew!

Great cast and crew here, especially two of my FAVORITE peeps from my CHICAGO past – the fab Roz Ryan and Brenda Braxton – who I had dinner and drinks with last night as we head into our one day off before opening. Love these two stunning, talented ladies. I can’t imagine a better time anywhere than laughing with them.

From cocktails with the ladies I got back to my hotel, showered up and headed to the Music Circus’s closing night performance of The King & I, which featured old friends Alan Ariano and Telly Leung. Amazing production. Looked great in the theater, the cast was fantastic, and the theater of over 2,000 looked to be sold out! Congrats to Music Circus.

So proud of NYC bud (and former gym partner) Alan Ariano – his performance
in The King & I was fab!

Time for a day off….