CNN Anchor Asks For Proof Donald Trump Is Being Audited

Now here’s something we haven’t seen before.

For a year, Donald Trump has told the media that he would be happy to release his tax returns save for the fact he’s being audited by the IRS.

The IRS has said repeatedly that their office has no problem with him releasing his tax returns. Trump maintains that after the audit is complete he will release them.

Of course, he could release earlier returns like from the year 2008 which is not being audited. Trump declines to release anything.

Today, CNN New Day  anchor Alisyn Camerota asked again when the tax returns would be released. Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway repeated “after the audit.”

But then something unusual happened, in a followup question Camerota asked if the campaign would provide some kind of documentation that an audit is actually occurring.

“Has Donald Trump, or will he, release anything from the IRS — a letter from the IRS — proving that he’s under audit?”

Conway had to ask Camerota to repeat the question, clearly needing to buy time to figure out what to say.

She eventually came up with this: “I don’t know. Why? In other words — why, why are you — Are you calling him a liar? Are you calling him a liar?”

Watch below: