Clay Aiken and Tony Perkins on FACE THE NATION

The very loathsome Tony Perkins appeared on FACE THE NATION yesterday with Clay Aiken to discuss President Obama’s recently announced support of gay marriage.

Note how Tony Perkins says more than once that our civil rights are derived from “natural law.” As I’ve mentioned before, one of the techniques political activists use to “make their case” is to simply repeat their own made up talking points until people start to buy into them. I’ve seen several appearances by Tony Perkins, who works with the designated hate group Family Research Council, and he often makes statements that have no basis in fact but he wants his folks to believe.

He often states, for example, that children do better with a mother and a father and that’s why gays shouldn’t marry. Now, first of all, marriage can’t be predicated on the supposition of child bearing. Many married couples don’t have children. Plus, there are studies that have proven children raised by two dads or two moms do just as well in life as children raised by heterosexual couples. This is just a made up “fact” to spoken with no fanfare to make it seem as though what he’s saying is true.

I have to say that Clay Aiken handles himself well here. He looks and sounds very polished here.