Class Is In Session: Buttigieg Explains ‘Infrastructure’ To Fox News Hosts

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on Fox News
Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg appeared on Fox News this morning to help shed light on President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure bill dubbed the American Jobs Plan.

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer noted that in running through some numbers about the bill he found “5.6 percent of the $2 trillion proposal is only dedicate to roads and bridges. Why is that?”

Buttigieg then calmly and politely explained to Hemmer that “infrastructure” isn’t merely “roads and bridges.”

“Well, we’re talking about roads and bridges, we’re talking about rails and transit, we’re talking about airports and ports,” Buttigieg began. “As you mentioned, we’re talking about things like the grid. I don’t know why anybody would say that it’s a mistake to invest in the grid after what we just witness in Texas.”

“We saw U.S. citizens, living in Texas, melting snow in their bathtubs to be able to flush their toilets,” continued Buttigieg. “In the United States of America that is unacceptable. So yes, infrastructure includes energy infrastructure.”

As the country is now well-aware, Texas learned the hard way in February about how ignoring the state of energy infrastructure can come back to bite folks in the butt.

Buttigieg added that in Biden’s proposal, infrastructure also includes broadband internet which is woefully absent in many rural areas.

“Good infrastructure planning is always about looking to the future,” said the transportation secretary. “You know, railroads were not a part of infrastructure until we built them. And I’m sure in the Eisenhower era they weren’t thinking about things like broadband, they were still working on electrification which would have sounded newfangled in its time. Now it’s time to prepare for the future.”

Buttigieg has made a name for himself being able to handle himself over at Fox News and he demonstrated that skill again today.

By the way, note the video footage Fox News runs as Buttigieg explains the bill – money being printed and printed and printed…