Chris Kluwe talks to Anderson Cooper about Vikings homophobia

Former Minnesota Vikings player Chris Kluwe discusses his allegations of homophobia in the Vikings organization which may have led to Kluwe’s release from the team.

Kluwe: “I made sure that I had witnesses because that’s a very easy defamation of character case and it would be pretty easy for him to prevail in a court of law…I am 100% confident in everything I related is how it happened and really encouraged by the fact that the Vikings are taking it seriously and opening an investigation because I think once they talk with people they’ll find out what happened.”

Anderson noted that the investigation does not have subpoena power so it’s up to players to cooperate and asks Kluwe if he thinks players will come forward.

Kluwe responded: “I’m confident because it’s the right thing to do. One thing that I’m going to push for is there must be anonymity for these witnesses because being black-balled in the NFL is a very real possibility and this is not something I’m going to force my friends to submit to…”

I love that Chris makes a statement by wearing a hat from the Principle 6 Campaign.

Principle 6 of the Olympic Charter states that any form of discrimination is incompatible with the Olympics, and the IOC has confirmed that this includes sexual orientation.