Chris Kluwe on the newly launched investigation regarding homophobia on the Minnesota Vikings staff

Former punter for the Minnesota Vikings Chris Kluwe says he’s more than happy to take part in the investigation to be conducted by the former chief justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court regarding homophobia behind the scenes at the Minnesota Vikings:

“I’m glad they’re taking it seriously. This is something I wrote down, because it’s what happened to me, and I’m 100 percent confident in what I wrote, and there are witnesses that will back me up. Let the investigation begin.”

I only know Chris Kluwe from his writing over the past couple of years and his very public voice. Based on nothing than my own gut, I’m inclined to believe his allegations.

We shall see what does – and does not – come to light.

Remember, the investigators are hired by the Vikings. So anything they find has to be given the green light by management before it can be released to the public.

Attorney/client privilege don’t you know…