Chicago Cubs Jake Arrieta To Anti-Trump Hollywood Celebs: Go On And Get Out – I’ll Pack Your Bags

Chicago Cubs Jake Arrieta naked
Chicago Cubs Jake Arrieta

Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta disappoints today.

Referencing the many Hollywood celebs who said they would leave the U.S.,  Arrieta tweets: “Time for Hollywood to pony up and head for the border #illhelpyoupack #beatit”

I had pegged Arrieta as a little more chill than that since he was open to a nude photo shoot for The Body Issue of ESPN Magazine. I wrote about that shoot here.

Guess he’s not as cool (or hot) as I thought :-/

When Cubs President Theo Epstein (big Clinton supporter) was asked about his pitcher’s public trolling of Clinton supporters, Epstein told the Chicago Tribune, “I’m still processing that, too,” he said. “I believe in the First Amendment. But I also believe we should be mindful of how other people feel.”