Cher Don’t Care What Folks Think About Younger BF + More News

Cher, 76, doesn't care what folks have to say about her dating younger bf - 36-year-old music executive Alexander “AE” Edwards

Some news items you might have missed:

Instinct Magazine: It won’t surprise you that entertainment legend Cher, 76, doesn’t care what folks think about her choosing to date a younger bf – music executive Alexander “AE” Edwards, who’s 36.

The Advocate: Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, will join the upcoming season of Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. The World as a special guest, becoming the first world leader to be featured in the Drag Race franchise as a guest star.

LGBTQ Nation: Elliot Page and Mae Martin attended the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles, and their social media posts sparked speculation that they might be dating. “My King @elliotpage took me out,” wrote Martin in an Instagram post featuring photos of the two of them.

Edge Media: Jim Obergefell — the plaintiff who lends the historic Supreme Court marriage equality ruling Obergefell v Hodges its name — lost against incumbent Ohio State Rep. D.J. Swearingen.

Huffpost: Comedian Kathy Griffin was suspended from Twitter for making fun of new CEO Elon Musk by impersonating him, so now she’s using her dead mom’s account to launch a #FreeKathy movement.

Axios: Democrats’ meddling in GOP primaries to boost far-right, election-denying candidates was heavily criticized. But the gambit — intended to create more favorable general-election matchups for Democrats — appears to have paid off: All six of the Dem-boosted Republicans who made it through the primary were easily defeated last night.

NowThis News: President Biden addressed the results of last night’s midterm elections.  In that the much talked about ‘red wave’ didn’t really materialize, Biden noted these may be the best midterms for a first-term Democratic president “in 40 years.”

He also pledged to work with congressional Republicans for the remainder of his first term as president.