Charlie Kirk’s Dismal Math Skills Ridiculed On Twitter

Charlie Kirk’s Dismal Math Skills Ridiculed On Twitter
Charlie Kirk can’t math (image via Instagram)

Conservative pundit Charlie Kirk began trending on Twitter this morning after it was discovered that math poses special challenges for the young Mr. Kirk.

Kirk, who runs the far-right student group Turning Point USA (which attracts a lot of support from white nationalists), apparently thought he could prove that Donald Trump’s baseless voter fraud allegations are true.

Kirk tweeted the vote totals and number of counties won by Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and most recently, President-elect Joe Biden.

Barack Obama:  – 69,000,000 votes, 873 counties

Donald Trump: 75,000,000, 2,497 counties

Joe Biden: 81,000,000 votes, 477 counties

He followed those stats with the statement “And we’re not allowed to question his ‘victory.'”

As most people know, conservative/Republican presidential candidates tend to do well in rural areas (i.e. counties with not a lot of people) and Democratic candidates see much of their support in urban areas (big cities where there are a LOT of people in a relatively small area).

I’m guessing Kirk was stumped by the fact that Donald Trump might have won many more counties than Joe Biden but didn’t win the election.

For instance, here in my state of Nevada, Trump handily won Esmeralda county with a vote total of 400 votes to Biden’s 74. Yep, those were the total votes cast for those candidates.

Meanwhile, Biden won Clark country with 521,852 votes over Trump’s 430,930 votes – a difference of over 90,000 votes. See how that works, Charlie? At the end of the race, if you get the most votes in a state, you win that state’s electoral college votes. County lines don’t factor in how votes are counted.

Twitter had a field day about population density and the fact that land can’t vote.