Champion of marriage – Kirk Cameron

A few months ago the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) got caught in court documents blatantly trying to create resentment between the LGBT community and other minority groups.

Among all their underhanded race-baiting tactics, was the revelation that they were also seeking out “non-cognitive elites” to be celebrity spokespeople for their anti-LGBT cause.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news to all you other non-cognitive types who had applied for the “celebrity anti-gay spokesperson” job, but it looks like the position is being filled by former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron.

“Kirk Cameron and the anti-gay activists at NOM are making a claim that Americans know to be false,” said GLAAD President Herndon Graddick.

“This rhetoric won’t work anymore. Communities across this country love and cherish their LGBT neighbors, friends and family members. This includes people in families headed by LGBT people. Their implication that LGBT couples can’t create loving and stable homes is not only outdated and irrelevant; it’s designed specifically to hurt those families.”

Earlier this year thousands spoke out against Kirk Cameron’s statement that being gay was “unnatural,” “detrimential,” and “ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization” including celebrities Kristin Chenoweth, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jesse Tyler Ferguson as well as Cameron’s former Growing Pains co-stars Tracey Gold and Alan Thicke.

Cameron’s comments also come at a time when celebrities from a diverse range of faith traditions, entertainment genres and political backgrounds including Russell Simmons, Carrie Underwood, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Alicia Keys and Dolly Parton have stated support for marriage equality.

Via LGBTQNation