NYC: Homocon Hosts ‘Corona Potluck’ Party During Health Crisis

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Gay conservative Lucian Wintrich, who founded ‘Twinks 4 Trump,’ decided the best way for him to cope with the ongoing coronavirus threat was to host a ‘Corona Potluck’ party at his home in New York City’s East Village.

“They can’t diagnose us all,” declared Wintrich’s invitation for the March 14 shindig. “Don’t wash your hands. Bring your favorite dish!”

The artwork for the invitation included a little boy covered with spots on his face.

Note – at the time the invitation was sent the “can’t diagnose us all” part of the invite was true as there was a shortage of COVID-19 tests available. That’s still the case in some parts of the country.

“The majority of folks I invited, if they got it, would recover fairly quickly and build up an immunity to the present form of COVID19,” Wintrich told the New York Post. “It was relatively inspired by the chickenpox parties that were all the rage in the 90s.”

In the 1990s “chickenpox parties” were a trend among parents as a way to inoculate their children against the chickenpox virus later in life. The idea was to expose their kids to disease while young so they would develop natural immunity, but the practice fell out of favor once a vaccine was developed.

Note – Medical experts haven’t confirmed if people develop an immunity to COVID-19 after recovering from the disease.

It’s disconcerting that Wintrich says “the majority” of invited friends would recover quickly. So, he invited people who he felt might NOT recover quickly?

Admitting the health threat is “serious to a degree,” Wintrich added, “I wouldn’t hang around folks over the age of 50 and risk infecting the more vulnerable.”

It’s important to note that while seniors have been identified as being more ‘at risk’ from serious illness due to coronavirus, younger people are not considered ‘safe’ from infection.

A 40-year-old attendee of the Winter Party festival in Miami earlier this month died in less than a week from complications due to coronavirus.

After founding ’Twinks 4 Trump,’ Wintrich gained dubious notoriety for being briefly credentialed as a White House reporter for the alt-right blog Gateway Pundit. His boss, openly gay Jim Hoft, admitted he sent Wintrich to ask ridiculous questions and basically annoy the White House press corps.

L-R Jim Hoft, Lucien Wintrich (image via Gateway Pundit)

The Post spoke to two attendees of the party to get their perspective on the contrarian approach to the ongoing health threat.

One attendee, who asked to remain anonymous to avoid repercussions from friends and co-workers, referenced World War II as part of his rationale for taking part in the event.

“When Britain was being bombed by Nazi Germany during the blitz, they kept the f–king stores open. People went about their lives,” they told the Post. “We get a flu … and we shut everything down. … We have completely handed over our civil liberties … and anyone who wants to go out and live a normal life is semi-ostracized.”

Brian Alacorn, 24, said he went to the party because “Lucian is my friend and he texted me.”

“I thought I shouldn’t, because of the social distancing – but my friends were already outside and I just kinda went.”

The event took place after all Broadway theaters had been shut down and the governor had declared a state of emergency.

Just hours after the ‘potluck party’ ended the New York City Health Department issued guidelines telling people “even if you are not sick, stay home as much as you can: work from home, study from home and avoid all unnecessary interactions and events.”

At this writing, there have been 790 coronavirus-related deaths in New York City alone.

(source: New York Post)

Trump Extends Shutdown Guidelines Past ‘Aspirational’ Easter Target

Donald Trump announced an extension of his administration’s “15 days to slow the spread” shutdown guidelines for 30 more days as the reality of increasing coronavirus infections and deaths set in.

Public health officials and governors had urged him to change course from lifting the shutdown on Easter Sunday.

Via Axios:

The president set April 30 as the new deadline for the social distancing guidelines in a Sunday evening briefing from the White House.

Driving the news: With the original 15-day period that was announced March 16 about to end, officials around the country had been bracing for a premature call to return to normalcy from a president who’s been venting lately that the prescription for containing the virus could be worse than the impacts of the virus itself.

“We had an aspiration” of Easter, Trump said, but when he heard the numbers of potential deaths, he realized he couldn’t push a reopening of the economy as soon as he previously had foreshadowed.

Trump explained his turnaround by saying his government’s modeling shows the peak death rate will likely come in two weeks. He said that 2.2 million people could die if the government did nothing and the public didn’t do the social distancing. “Nothing would be worse than declaring victory before the victory is won,” he said.

Dr. Anthony Fauci Talks Real Facts About COVID-19

So, if you want to ask the questions about coronavirus you really want answers to from a world-renowned infectious disease expert without an orange cheeto grandstanding, here’s your chance.

Lilly Singh chats with Dr. Anthony Fauci on many of the misconceptions about the virus and knocks down a lot of myths about the ongoing threat.

If you want the Cliff Notes version, basically:

• Coronavirus is not the flu – it is 10x more lethal. Don’t believe those folks comparing it to the flu.

• Coronavirus has a short amount of “hang time” in the air but is mainly transmitted via droplets sneezed or coughed into the air that land on you immediately.

• The virus can live on surfaces for different periods of time, more so on metal and plastic, less so on clothing. Wipe down surfaces in your home with disinfectant.

• Fauci says respiratory viruses, in general, survive better in cold, dry weather as opposed to hot, moist weather. Regarding coronavirus, scientists aren’t sure but Fauci has hope the warmer weather may help.

• Face masks can help but aren’t a sure thing. Fauci estimates they help to the tune of 50% prevention.

• There is no cure. There will be no vaccine for a year to a year and a half. There aren’t any drugs proven to help protect against coronavirus.

• More men are being diagnosed than women, but no one knows why. Perhaps men have more underlying conditions than women…?

• No evidence that Advil makes the virus worse.

• Because of the size of the United States, there’s no way to tell how long before things go back to “normal.” Expect several weeks

Watch Fauci and Singh chat below in more detail.

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Miami Winter Party Attendee Dies Due To COVID-19

Israel Carreras (image via Facebook)

From WSVN in Miami:

Miami-Dade County has reported its first two coronavirus-related deaths, and one of them has been identified as a 40-year-old man with no prior health issues or complications, according to family members.

Israel Carreras was identified as the first death in Miami-Dade, Friday. Later that evening, a 79-year-old man was reported as the county’s second death.

Carreras succumbed to the virus after his friends said he contracted it during the Winter Party Festival in Miami, where several other cases of the virus had appeared.

Carreras’s partner, Franco Conquista, told WSVN he stayed with Carreras at his home, taking care of him for two days, as he also had been infected.

Conquista says Carreras eventually found it difficult to breathe so he went to the hospital. But after four or five days the doctors put him in an induced coma because he was really agitated. The sleep state keeps patients who might be anxious about breathing from removing a respirator out of panic.

Carreras never regained consciousness.

The 40-year-old Cuban native had lived in South Florida for several years, and friends described him as a hard worker who often clocked in around 14 hours per day at a warehouse. He also drove as an Uber driver in order to save money to send to his family in Cuba each month.

As Conquista is still self-isolating himself, he wants people to know “this is serious.”

“They need to stay at home,” he told the news station. “It doesn’t just kill old people. This poor boy had only 40 years old. It can kill anybody, so just stay home and think of other people. Try to save other people’s lives. Just because you are not affected directly doesn’t mean that people are not suffering from this.”

Asked If Everyone Who Needs Ventilator Will Get One, Trump Snaps ‘Don’t Be A Cutie Pie’

Donald Trump (screen capture)

A reporter at a press conference asks a question hoping to get a direct question.

But that doesn’t happen with Donald Trump.

At today’s White House press briefing ABC News’ Jonathan Karl asked Trump, “Are you able to guarantee, to assure these states, these hospitals, that everybody who needs a ventilator will get a ventilator?”

“Here’s what I’ll tell you – I think we’re in really good shape,” replied Trump. “This is a pandemic the likes of which nobody’s seen before. I think we’re in great shape. Ventilators are a big deal. We’ve distributed vast numbers of ventilators, and we’re prepared to do vast numbers. I think we’re in great shape. I hope that’s the case. I hope we’re going to have leftovers so we can help other people, other countries.”

You’ll note the Trumpster didn’t answer the question.

Still looking for an answer, Karl repeated, “Will everyone who needs one be able to get a ventilator?”

“Look, don’t be a cutie pie, ok?” snapped Trump. “Nobody’s ever done what we’ve done. Nobody’s done anything like we’ve been able to do. And everything I took over was a mess. It was a broken country in so many ways, in so many ways other than this. We had a bad testing system, we had a bad stockpile system, we had nothing in the stockpile system. So I wouldn’t tell me what you’re — you know, like, being a wise guy.”

Still no answer as to if everyone who needs a ventilator will get one. Just a word salad.

Watch the exchange below.

After being critical of some states’ governors, Trump was asked what more he wanted the governors to do?

Trump answered, “I want them to be appreciative. I don’t want them to say things that aren’t true. I want them to be appreciative.”

He added later, “You know what I say? If they don’t treat you right, I don’t call.”

So, for Americans to get help from the federal government, Trump needs his butt kissed. Got it.

Gay Man Becomes First Nurse To Die From Coronavirus In NYC

Kious Jordan Kelly (image via Mount Sinai Hospital)

As the number of coronavirus infections has surpassed over 20,000 in New York City, an openly gay man has become the first nurse to die there from COVID-19.

Kious Jordan Kelly, 48, who worked as a nurse manager at Mount Sinai West in Manhattan, shared his diagnosis with his sister on March 18 from the intensive care unit via text message. He couldn’t call her because he was on a ventilator.

“I’m okay. Don’t tell Mom and Dad. They’ll worry,” he wrote to his sister, Marya Patrice Sherron, according to the New York Times. He passed away less than a week later on Tuesday evening.

Sherron took to Facebook to share the news of her brother’s death and express her anger.

“His death could have been prevented,” wrote Sherron. “I’m angry, He was healthy.”

Kelly’s co-workers also voiced their anger as well posting on social media channels that they didn’t have proper protective equipment (PPE) at their hospital as they worked with patients diagnosed with the virus.

Nurses from Mount Sinai shared a photo of healthcare workers wearing black garbage bags as makeshift protective clothing with the caption, “NO MORE GOWNS IN THE WHOLE HOSPITAL. NO MORE MASKS AND REUSING THE DISPOSABLE ONES…NURSES FIGURING IT OUT DURING COVID-19 CRISIS.”

(image via Facebook/DianaTorres)

“Kious didn’t deserve this,” one colleague told the New York Post. “The hospital should be held responsible. The hospital killed him.”

Nurses told the Post they were using the same protective equipment as they shifted from infected to non-infected patients since there weren’t any proper gowns available.

Lucia Lee, a spokesman for the hospital disagreed telling the Times, “This crisis is straining the resources of all New York area hospitals, and while we do — and have had — enough protective equipment for our staff, we will all need more in the weeks ahead.”

Mount Sinai issued a statement regarding Kelly’s death which read, “We are deeply saddened by the passing of a beloved member of our nursing staff.”

“This growing crisis has already devastated hundreds of families and turned our frontline professionals into true American heroes,” the hospital network said.

“Today, we lost another hero — a compassionate colleague, friend and selfless caregiver.”

Friends and colleagues have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help ease the financial burden to his family of covering funeral and transport costs.

(source: NY Times, NY Post)

Drug Touted By Trump For COVID-19 Found To Be No More Effective Than Conventional Care

The first confirmed case of the omicron variant in the U.S. has been discovered in California.

Bloomberg News reports a prescription drug Donald Trump touted as a treatment for coronavirus, Hydroxychloroquine, was the focus of a small study that found it to be no more effective than conventional care.

The report published by the Journal of Zhejiang University in China showed that patients who got the medicine didn’t fight off the new coronavirus more often than those who did not get the medicine.

The study involved just 30 patients. Of the 15 patients given the malaria drug, 13 tested negative for the coronavirus after a week of treatment. Of the 15 patients who didn’t get hydroxychloroquine, 14 tested negative for the virus. The results of the study weren’t statistically significant.

Medical experts had said there was a chance the drug might have some efficacy against COVID-19 but insisted further testing was needed before being recommended.

After the Trumpster praised the medication saying he had a “good feeling” about the drug’s effectiveness and that it was “already approved by the FDA” experts stepped up to clarify that Hydroxychloroquine has only been approved to treat malaria and not coronavirus.

On Monday, the wife of an Arizona man who died after ingesting chloroquine phosphate (a version of the chemical) to protect himself from the novel coronavirus spoke out Monday to urge the public not to “believe anything” without first speaking to a healthcare professional.

“We saw Trump on TV — every channel — and all of his buddies and that this was safe,” the woman told NBC News. “Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure.”

Ryan Murphy Donates ‘POSE’ Medical Props To Help Fight COVID-19

Writer/producer Ryan Murphy has announced the medical props used on the hit FX show Pose (featured in scenes related to the AIDS epidemic) are being donated to Mount Sinai Hospital to help fight the COVID-19 health threat.

Murphy shared on his Instagram:

“On my FX series POSE, one of our regular sets and locations is a hospital where in season 3 (spoiler) Blanca works as an AIDS/hiv counselor. Today we donated all our prop supplies to Mount Sinai hospital to help nurses and doctors battling the Covid outbreak. Let’s all keep giving when and where and how we can. More to come…”

NY Post: COVID-19 Found On Cruise Ship 17 Days After Abandoned

The first confirmed case of the omicron variant in the U.S. has been discovered in California.

Very disconcerting news as it appears the COVID-19 virus may be able to live for not days but weeks on hard surfaces.

From the New York Post:

Coronavirus stays on surfaces far longer than first thought — with traces found in cabins on the stricken Diamond Princess cruise ship 17 days after they were abandoned, according to alarming new research.

The potentially deadly bug was previously understood to live two to three days on some surfaces — but the new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said it lasts more than five times as long.

The coronavirus “was identified on a variety of surfaces in cabins of both symptomatic and asymptomatic infected passengers up to 17 days after cabins were vacated on the Diamond Princess but before disinfection procedures had been conducted,” according to the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

8 Men Arrested For Cocaine-Fueled Orgy During COVID-19 Lockdown

(stock photo)

Eight men were arrested on Friday, March 20, while hosting a sex party in Barcelona, Spain, which has been in lockdown due to the ongoing coronavirus threat.

Since March 14, residents are being asked to leave home only for essential reasons including going to work, medical appointments or to buy food.

EL PAÍS, one of the largest Spanish language news outlets in the world, reports police received a tip from someone who said they were invited to the gathering.

According to reports, the hosts had extended the party invitation to 20-30 men.

After receiving information regarding the time and place of the party, plain-clothes police officers arrived at the apartment located in a central area of Barcelona, which had been rented for one week.

The Mossos d’Esquadra officers were allowed to enter the residence after identifying themselves where they found various party drugs including cocaine, crystal meth, speed, and “liquid ecstasy” (GHB).

One of the attendees was coughing and underwent testing for the coronavirus. The test results were negative for COVID-19.

All 8 of the men were arrested for possession of narcotic substances.

While an overwhelming majority of LGBTQ people are heeding the advice of medical professionals to self-isolate and stay at home as much as possible, a new survey by Queer Voices Heard found 28 percent would still go on dates, and 16 percent of respondents would still engage in hook-ups.

To state the obvious: a cocaine-fueled orgy is not a great idea during the current health threat. As the New York City Health Department recently recommended, “You are your safest sex partner.” The next safest person is someone you live with.

EL PAÍS reports that, to date, the death toll regarding COVID-19 infections in Spain has risen to 2,696, with 514 victims in the past 24 hours. The number of infections is nearing 40,000.

In related news, organizers of the annual Gay Pride parade in Madrid announced on Tuesday that the event will be postponed until the “health and safety conditions are suitable.”

Since 1978, the Gay Pride event has been held in the country’s capital on the first weekend of July drawing nearly one million attendees and generating more than €100 million for the Madrid region, according to regional authorities.

(Source: EL PAÍS)