Warren Surges Past Biden In Latest Iowa Poll

Sen. Elizabeth Warren surges past former Vice President Joe Biden in latest Iowa poll

Sen. Elizabeth Warren surges past former Vice President Joe Biden in latest Iowa poll

Folks are gagging over the first shakeup of the 2020 Democratic primary season as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) surges past former Vice President Joe Biden in the latest Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa poll.

From the Des Moines Register:

Warren, the U.S. senator from Massachusetts, now holds a 2-percentage-point lead, with 22% of likely Democratic caucusgoers saying she is their first choice for president. It is the first time she has led in the Register’s poll.

Former Vice President Biden, who had led each of the Register’s three previous 2020 cycle polls, follows her at 20%.

Sanders, the U.S. senator from Vermont, has fallen to third place with 11%. No other candidate reaches double digits.

When you combine the numbers for first and second choice, Warren edges further ahead:

• Warren 42%
• Biden 30%
• Sanders 21%
• Buttigieg 18%
• Harris 16%

Buttigieg On Criticizing LGBT Media: ‘I Had A Grumpy Moment’

Pete Buttigieg says he had a 'grumpy moment' when he criticized the LGBT media for calling him 'not gay enough....'

Pete Buttigieg says he had a 'grumpy moment' when he criticized the  LGBT media for calling him 'not gay enough....'

Earlier this week, I reported on a comment by Democratic presidential contender Mayor Pete Buttigieg where he said he ‘can’t even read the LGBT media’ for coverage saying he was ‘too gay, not gay enough…’

I gave the mayor a break assuming he somehow misspoke. The vast majority of coverage by the actual LGBTQ media has been very supportive of Buttigieg and his candidacy.

The articles that HAVE been negative about the mayor centering on his sexuality have been in non-LGBTQ outlets like Slate, The Outline, and the terrible piece by gay author Dale Peck that was yanked offline very quickly.

While all that going on this week, I assumed it would come up at last night’s LGBTQ Forum in Iowa sponsored by GLAAD.

Buttigieg was questioned by The Advocate’s editor in chief Zach Stafford at the event, but he didn’t address the issue.

It turns out Buttigieg was asked that question in an interview for AM2DM by BuzzFeed News which Stafford co-hosts.

Stafford tweeted out his explanation and the video clip today.

“You said in an interview that you ‘can’t even read LGBT media anymore because it’s all he’s too gay, not gay enough, wrong kind of gay’” show co-host Alex Berg said in a clip posted to Twitter today. “And Out Magazine editor-in-chief Phillip Picardi tweeted this question: When LGBTQ+ journalism is dwindling despite our rights being threatened at higher rates, why come for queer media?”

“I appreciate the question and the chance to clear this up,” said Buttigieg. “Just to be clear: LGBTQ media plays an increasingly important role, especially at a time like this.”

“I had a grumpy moment where I was thinking abo, t some of the coverage that I do get frustrated with that seems to tell people how to be gay,” he continued. “And that’s, to be fair, happening in a lot of different sources and places online and it’s one reason why, as a candidate, it’s healthy just not to read too many clips about yourself to begin with.”

He concluded saying, “But I don’t want to take away from the very important work that’s being done in the queer media right now.”

WSJ: Trump Pressed Ukraine President 8 Times To Investigate Biden’s Son

The Wall Street Journal (backed by ultra-conservative and Donald Trump ally Rupert Murdoch) is reporting that in a July phone call Trump “repeatedly pressured the president of Ukraine to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, urging Volodymyr Zelensky about eight times to work with Rudy Giuliani, his personal lawyer, on a probe, according to people familiar with the matter.”

Giuliani had been pressing the Ukraine government to look into any overlap with Mr. Biden’s diplomatic dealings with Ukraine, as well as Hunter Biden’s involvement in a gas company there.

“He told him he should work with him [Giuliani] on Biden and that people in Washington wanted to know” whether the allegations were true or not, one of the people told the Journal.

It’s stunning that, after being investigated for over two years regarding his campaign encouraging Russia to aid in his 2016 election, Trump would openly press another foreign country to become involved in smearing his possible 2020 political opponent.

Last night, during an appearance on CNN, Giuliani denied – then 10 second later admitted – asking the government of Ukraine to look into Joe Biden and his son.

Hillary Clinton tweeted the clip adding, “The president asked a foreign power to help him win an election. Again.”

In a Q&A in the Oval Office today, Trump told reporters “it doesn’t matter” what he discussed with the president of Ukraine.

Since the story by the WSJ is behind a paywall, check out the report on the new details from CNN:

In Iowa, Biden blasted Trump’s assertion that hi

Biden Beats Trump +14 In Latest Fox News Poll

The latest Fox News Poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden still positioned to be the most likely candidate to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Biden leads Trump by 14 points, is the only one to garner over 50 percent support, and the only one to keep Trump under 40 percent (52-38 percent). 

Sen. Bernie Sanders came in second in the survey beating Trump by 8 points (48-40).

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is up by 6 points (46-40), and Sen. Kamala Harris has a 2-point edge (42-40 percent), within the poll’s error margin.

Tune In Tonight For The Presidential Candidate Forum On LGBTQ Issues

The 2020 Democratic candidates will answer LGBTQ-specific questions tonight in Iowa at the GLAAD-sponsored #LGBTQforum

The 2020 Democratic candidates will answer LGBTQ-specific questions tonight in Iowa at the GLAAD-sponsored #LGBTQforum

For the first time, the 2020 candidates will have an opportunity tonight to hear directly from LGBTQ voters to address the issues affecting our lives.

GLAAD, the world’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) media advocacy organization, will co-host the first Presidential Candidate Forum on LGBTQ issues to take place during the 2020 election cycle tonight.

Co-sponsored by GLAAD, One Iowa, The Gazette, and The Advocate, the LGBTQ Forum will be livestreamed on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ABCNews.com, and NBC News from Coe College’s Sinclair Auditorium in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Follow the hashtag #LGBTQForum on Twitter.

Did The LGBT Media Call Mayor Pete “Not Gay Enough?”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg told SiriusXM Radio he "can't read LGBT media anymore"

Mayor Pete Buttigieg told SiriusXM Radio he "can't read LGBT media anymore"

In a recent interview on SiriusXM’s Urban View, Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg discussed a range of topics including the mayor’s work to earn the support of the African-American community.

Pivoting from that subject, host Clay Cane shared that when he had discussed Buttigieg’s candidacy with his straight friends, the majority indicated they could vote for a gay man for president – “A gay man could win.”

But Cane added that when he broached the subject of a gay man winning the White House to his LGBT friends, the response was, according to Cane, “There’s no way a gay man could win.”

Buttigieg responded by pointing to his 80% win in his race for a second term as mayor of South Bend after coming out in a fairly conservative state.

Cane then asked, “How different do you think your candidacy would be if you were more effeminate?”

“I’m sure you’ve heard this before in LGBT circles that more masculine-presenting men have more access?” continued Cane. “How different would it be if you were quote-unquote, “more effeminate?”

Buttigieg, a two-term mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and a military veteran had the right answer.

“It’s tough for me to know, right?” he began. “‘Cause I just am what I am, and, you know, there’s going to be a lot of that. That’s why I can’t even read the LGBT media anymore, because it’s all: ‘Too gay, not gay enough, wrong kind of gay.’”

“All I know is that life became a lot easier when I just started allowing myself to be myself and I’ll let other people write up whether I’m ‘too this’ or ‘too that.’”

Some in the LGBTQ media space have gotten their nose out of joint thinking Buttigieg was taking a swipe directly at them.

Having listened to the entire interview, that’s not what I understood Mayor Pete to be saying.

Cane introduced the question of doubt by the LGBT community with his comment about LGBT friends who can’t imagine a gay man winning the presidency. He then pivoted to the ‘effeminate’ talking point sourcing the issue from ‘LGBT circles.’

As someone who writes in the LGBTQ media space every day, I can’t recall reading an LGBTQ outlet criticizing Buttigieg as “too gay” or “not gay enough.”

There have been gay writers in non-LGBTQ outlets, like the hatchet job by gay author Dale Peck for The New Republic, which was so twisted and controversial it was deletedfrom the website in a day.

There were also pieces written over at Slate and Vice which take Buttigieg to task for his ‘gayness.’ But those outlets are not LGBTQ media.

Of course, I’m already seeing comments on social media saying ‘the LGBT media should stop attacking Mayor Pete.’ I asked a few of those folks for an example of the LGBT media calling Pete ‘not gay enough,’ and each time they referenced the Dale Peck piece, which as mentioned, was not on an LGBT media outlet.

I’m of a mind to believe that Buttigieg misspoke, as a politician can do during an interview, when he used the phrase ‘LGBT media.’

I’ve reached out to the Buttigieg campaign for clarification on the kerfuffle.

Mayor Pete’s Coming Out Story Takes Center Stage At Debate

As the first openly gay Democratic candidate with a credible chance at winning the White House, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, has already made a historic mark on the 2020 presidential election cycle.

But at the close of the third Democratic debate last night, all ten candidates onstage were asked to relate a story of resilience from their lives.

In a moment that was as poignant as it was personal, the 37-year-old shared his own coming out story.

As a military officer service under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and as an elected official in the state of Indiana when Mike Pence was governor, at a certain point, when it came to professional setbacks, I had to wonder whether just acknowledging who I was was going to be the ultimate career-ending professional setback.

I came back from the deployment and realized you only get to live one life. I was not interested in not knowing what it was like to be in love any longer.

So I just came out.

I had no idea what kind of professional setback it would be, especially because, inconveniently, it was an election year in my socially conservative community.

What happened was that when I trusted voters to judge me based on the job that I did for them, they decided to trust me, and reelected me with 80% of the vote.

What I learned was that trust can be reciprocated and that part of how you can win – and deserve to win – is to know what’s worth more to you than winning. And I think what’s what we need in the presidency right now: we have to know what we are about.

And this election is not about any of us up here. It is not about this president, even though it’s hard to talk of anything else some days.

It’s about the people who trust us with their lives; the kid wondering if we’re actually going to make their school safer when they’ve learned active shooter drills before they’ve learned to read; a generation wondering if we will actually get the job done on climate change.

And if we hold to that, then it doesn’t matter what happens to each of us professionally. Together, we will win a better era for our country.

While it’s not news that Buttigieg came out during his campaign for a second term as mayor, what IS news is for an openly gay presidential candidate to relate his own coming out journey to millions while standing shoulder to shoulder with his peers.

Many in the Twitterverse, from LGBTQ advocates to gay veterans, acknowledged the importance of the moment:

Democratic Presidential Candidates Unite For Stronger Gun Laws

Eight of the top Democratic presidential candidates appear in a new video underscoring the need for gun safety.

The gun control organization named after former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot at point blank range by a maniac, launched the video on Monday.

The candidates featured in the video include former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke; California Sen. Kamala Harris; former Vice President Joe Biden; South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg; Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar; New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker; Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

In the video, the candidates focus on stronger gun laws to prevent school shootings and protect children.

From the Giffords campaign for gun safety:

We deserve a president who listens to the American people, not the NRA.

We deserve a president who takes bold action to make us safer, not one who tweets thoughts and prayers then does nothing.

We deserve a president who fights for stronger gun laws, not gun lobby profits.

2020 Democratic candidates are vying to be that leader.

We sat down with Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren to discuss their plans to make us safer from gun violence.

Our kids deserve to be safe at school.

Elizabeth Warren Courts The DragCon Vote

During the 3rd annual DragCon NYC this past weekend, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) sent a video greeting to the happy attendees encouraging them to not only register to vote, but then make sure they sashay their way to the voting booth.

“When we make our voices heard, when we get into the fight, we win,” said the White House hopeful. “I’m in this fight for an America that works for everyone; I’m in this fight for full LGBTQ+ equality.”

“We’ve got a lot of work to do to make sure everyone is free to be who they are and love who they love,” she added.

Warren went on to note the record number of transgender Americans that were murdered last year telling the viewers, “We need to call it out, and we need to fight back.”

The senior senator from Massachusetts continued saying, “Everyone should be able to go to school, to work, to get healthcare, or just walk down the street without fear of discrimination or violence.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Shea Couleé was one of those manning the Warren campaign booth at DragCon handing out signs and stickers as well as inviting folks to ‘strike a pose’ with a cardboard cutout of Warren.

According to Couleé, all of the current Democratic presidential hopefuls were offered the chance to send a video greeting to the DragCon attendees, but only Warren responded to the invite.

“The folks at DragCon extended an invitation to all of the Democratic candidates to come to DragCon, and she is the only one that accepted the invitation,” Couleé shared with NBC News. “For me, that speaks volumes.”

Next up for Warren is the third Democratic presidential primary debate taking place this Thursday, Sept 12, in Houston, Texas.

Warren is also announced to take part in both the upcoming GLAAD presidential forum in Iowa on September 20, as well as the CNN/Human Rights Campaign televised Town Hall on October 10.

Pete Buttigieg Ramps Up Spending, Releases 1st TV Ad

Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg has released his first campaign ad with a substantial $210,000 media buy in Iowa where the first votes of the 2020 election cycle will be cast.

The ad, titled ‘The Only Way,’ focuses on Buttigieg’s experience as a mayor and military veteran.

“As a veteran and as a mayor, I’ve seen what we can achieve when we have each other’s backs,” begins the 30-second spot. “But in today’s divided America, we’re at each others throats.”

“Our rivers and oceans are rising. Health care costs are soaring, and our kids are learning active shooter drills before they learn to read,” Buttigieg says speaking to the camera. “To meet these challenges and to defeat this president, we need real solutions, not more polarization.”

The Buttigieg campaign has also recently opened 20 field offices in Iowa and hired an additional 30 staffers in the Hawkeye state, according to Politico.

The spending comes after Buttigieg raised more than any other Democratic White House candidate last quarter raking in over $24 million.

The aggressive moves will enthuse Mayor Pete’s supporters and will hopefully move him up in the polls.

Despite positive debate reviews and much interest in the mainstream media, the 37-year-old is consistently ranked 5th in most national polling.

RealClearPolitics currently shows Buttigieg averaging about 4.4%.

In an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, the South Bend Mayor explained how he plans to make inroads among the Democratic candidates as the field narrows:

“Now that it’s starting to winnow down, people are starting to look for the contrasts. And it will be important for me to convey how I’m different from the others. I like the others, I appreciate the others, I admire the others but I’m not like the others. It’s not just a matter of style, it’s also a matter of approach.”

“It’s why I’m not making the same promises that some of the candidates to my left are. I share the goals and believe that we can do it in a way that will bring Americans together.”