New Iowa Poll Shows Jump In Support For Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Mayor Pete Buttigieg told SiriusXM Radio he "can't read LGBT media anymore"
Mayor Pete Buttigieg (screen capture)

A new Suffolk University/USA Today poll in Iowa shows Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, has surged to within striking distance of former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

The new survey, conducted after last week’s Democratic debate, shows Biden at 18 percent support, closely followed by Warren at 17 percent support. Buttigieg jumps to third place with 13 percent.

That represents a 7 point increase for the mayor since the last Suffolk poll in June. Back then, Biden held a wide double-digit lead over Warren, and Buttigieg was down at 6 percent support.

Biden has since lost 6 points and Warren increased 4 points. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) registered no change in support since June, and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) lost 13 points dropping from 16 percent support to 3 percent.

Here are the results of the new poll including the amount of change from last June’s survey to today:

• Biden 18 (-6)
• Warren 17 (+4)
• Buttigieg 13 (+7)
• Sanders 9 (no change)
• Steyer 3 (+3)
• Gabbard 3 (+2)
• Harris 3 (-13)
• Klobuchar 3 (-1)

There are a couple of reasons Buttigieg, the first openly-gay presidential candidate seen as a major contender, would have seen his support increase.

He was the top fund-raiser at the end of the second quarter with $24.8 million. His campaign indicated it would not be afraid to spend those funds and they have made good on that promise.

Since then, he has opened more field offices in Iowa (22) than any other candidate. And he’s tied with Warren for the most field offices in the crucial first four states of the Democratic primary season (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada).

More organizers in a state lead to more in-person contact with voters.

Also, he was widely seen as one of the winners of last week’s CNN/New York Times Democratic debate.

The new poll shows that among those surveyed who watched the debate, Buttigieg came in first with 19 percent support ahead of Biden and Warren at 17 percent each.

Sanders was the pick of 9 percent and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) garnered 6 percent.

(source: USA Today)

Warren Takes The Lead In Two More Polls

Sen. Elizabeth Warren surges past former Vice President Joe Biden in latest Iowa poll
Sen. Elizabeth Warren surges past former Vice President Joe Biden in latest Iowa poll
L-R Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former Vice President Joe Biden

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) continues to surge in polls as 12 of the Democratic presidential candidates prepare for the 4th primary debate tonight.

From the Washington Post:

The most recent George Washington University Politics Poll shows the senator from Massachusetts leads the Democratic field with 28 percent of the vote.

Sanders is second at 21 percent, and Biden, the front-runner since his entrance into the race, is at 18 percent. South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Kamala D. Harris each draw 5 percent.

And from Quinnipiac Polling:

According to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today, Warren receives 30 percent of the vote among Democratic voters and independent voters who lean Democratic, while Biden gets 27 percent.

Sen. Bernie Sanders trails the two frontrunners, getting 11 percent support, with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 8 percent and Sen. Kamala Harris at 4 percent. No other candidate tops 2 percent.

This compares to an October 8 poll from Quinnipiac University, in which Warren received 29 percent, Biden got 26 percent, and Sanders had 16 percent of the vote.

But according to Morning Consult, Biden maintains his frontrunner status with an 11-point lead over Elizabeth Warren and a 13-point lead over Bernie Sanders ahead of the October debate, according to the latest edition of ‘Political Intelligence: The State Of The Democratic Primary. ‘

The report also finds that Sanders has seen his vote share decline in early primary states.

Tune in to tonight’s Democratic debate on CNN coming to you from Westerville, Ohio.

Poll: Trump Trails Generic Democrat In Ohio

A new Public Policy Polling survey shows Donald Trump trailing a generic Democratic opponent 47-48 percent and his favorable/unfavorable rating is underwater at 47-51 percent.

Innovation Ohio notes that among vital independent voters, Trump trails a generic Democrat 37-51 percent.

“Ohio is a must-win state for President Trump. His poor numbers in this poll help to explain his early spending on TV and digital ads here,” said Innovation Ohio President Janetta King.

Trump won Ohio in 2016 decisively by 8 points.

Tested against five Democratic candidates Trump couldn’t break through the 47 percent mark.

Twitter Fail: Marco Rubio Crashes, Burns Trying To Troll Elizabeth Warren

L-R Sens. Marco Rubio and Elizabeth Warren

Earlier this week, during the CNN LGBTQ Town Hall, Sen. Elizabeth Warren delivered the viral moment of the evening when she was asked what she would say to someone on the campaign trail who might tell her, as someone who is old-fashioned, their faith teaches them that “marriage is between one man and one woman.”

Replied Warren, “Well, I’m going to assume it’s a guy who said that, and I’m gonna say, then just marry one woman. I’m cool with that.”

As the crowd roared in approval, the senator added, “Assuming you can find one.”

GOP Sen. Marco Rubio, who never misses a chance to embarrass himself, took to Twitter to troll Warren writing, “Vividly captures the condescension of elites & their incessant ridicule of Americans with traditional values. It elicits glee among celebrities & blue check brigade. But for the millions sick of being disrespected, it elicits support for fighting back, even in a crude or vulgar way.”

“Condescension?” “Ridicule?” Little Marco, try being LGBTQ in America someday if you want to talk ‘ridicule.’

Twitter was not about to let Little Marco, who went from chiding Donald Trump for his micro-dick to being a staunch supporter of the serial sexual assaulter famous for declaring he likes to grab women “by the pussy.”

SNL Cold Open Tweaks LGBTQ Town Hall

Billy Porter on SNL (screen captures)

Saturday Night Live’s cold open could not resist putting its twist on this week’s LGBTQ Town Hall.

Alex Moffat’s Anderson Cooper opened the sketch informing the audience that the town hall would address those issues important to “LGBTQ people and straight girls who make Pride about them.”

Newly-minted Emmy Award-winner Billy Porter comes out (playing himself) to introduce the ‘presidential candidates.’

Beginning with Chris Redd’s Cory Booker, Porter said, “He may live in the projects, but ladies, he ain’t no project.”

Chris Redd as Sen. Cory Booker

When Booker is asked about some questionable writing he did about gays in the early 90s: “I don’t want you to think I’m dodging the question, so I’m going to go now.”

Porter intros Colin Jost’s Mayor Pete Buttigieg: “Representing House of Booty Gig, it’s Mayor Pete.”

Colin Jost as Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Asked how he’d respond to folks who say he’s not gay in the right way: “There’s no wrong way to be gay – unless you’re Ellen (DeGeneres) this week.”

Buttigieg also wondered aloud why he’s not doing better in the polls: “Why am I not winning this? I’m a veteran, I’m under the legal retirement age, and when I talk, it makes sense. Is something wrong with me?”

Says Cooper: “You’re a great guy, just, as a friend. Not for president.”

Next up, Porter brings the audience to attention saying, “Warning. Warning. The sentencer is here. She’s got a plan for the future. It’s Elizabeth Warren.”

Kate McKinnon as Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Kate McKinnon delivers a spot on Warren on her entrance: “I am so excited to be here. I had some apple slices backstage and they are hitting me like cocaine. You all know I’m not a lesbian but all the ingredients are there.”

Obviously, SNL had to touch on the big viral moment of the Town Hall when Warren was asked how she would respond to a ‘traditional marriage’ supporter on the campaign trail who may underscore that they believe marriage is between one man and one woman?

McKinnon’s Warren riffs: “I would say, ‘Sir, tell me your bus stop because I want to know where you get off.’ What else, what else? If someone doesn’t want to serve gay people at their small business? I bet that’s not the only thing that’s small. And when people say gay and trans shouldn’t be included in civil rights protections, well…I wish their parents had used protection.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda as Secretary Julian Castro

Lin-Manuel Miranda takes a turn as “the House of Urban Deliciousness,” Julian Castro: “As a Democrat. I want to apologize for not being gay. But I promise to do better in the future.”

He adds, “However, I am Latino, which we can all agree is something. I’m young, I’m diverse, I’m LatinObama. So let’s get that hashtag going.”

Woody Harrelson as Vice President Joe Biden

Special guest Woody Harrelson offers his take on former Vice President Joe Biden, as Porter intros, “the Delaware daddy whose only vice is the Choo Choo train.”

Biden drops bon mots along the likes of “The vast majority of people in America are not homophobic – they’re just scared of gay people. You know me – I went to bat for marriage equality and I believe we’re all equal whether you’re gay, lesbie, transgenital or queer.”

Check out the full segment below.

Kamala Harris Releases Her Plan For LGBTQ Equality

Sen. Kamala Harris releases her plan for LGBTQ+ equality

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) mixed and mingled with supporters at the West Hollywood gay bar The Abbey on Wednesday night prior to the LGBTQ Town Hall co-sponsored by HRC & CNN on Thursday night.

At one point during the event, the California senator also got a lesson from RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Shangela on how to properly clack a fan.

Certainly a skill the first woman president would need, yes?

Shangela shared the moment on Instagram with 1.2 million followers:

View this post on Instagram

HALLELOO for HARRIS!! SENATOR Kamala Harris, that is. I met her tonite to chat with her about her advocacy for LGBTQ rights and Equality, and I can tell you that she has been and will continue to be a fierce ally for our community. I don’t agree with every decision she’s ever made but I can tell you my hope is that as she pushes forward she grows even more in tune with the needs of every member of the LGBTQIA+ family. I can for sure say I am proud to see a strong, intelligent, dedicated Black/Indian woman going after the Democratic nomination, and I urge all you to get informed about these candidates so you can make an educated VOTE for yourself, whoever that may be. And hey, check out her skills with the Halleloo fan! Now that’s a PRO! ❤️🇺🇸🌈 @kamalaharris

A post shared by Shangela (DJ) (@itsshangela) on

Today, Harris released her proposal for LGBTQ Equality titled, “Kamala’s LGBTQ+ Plan to Provide Equality and Dignity for All.”

Harris announced the plan on Twitter writing, “Today, I introduced a plan to ensure everyone in the LGBTQ+ community is able to live proudly and openly, without fear of discrimination. We can restore equality and dignity in the White House.”

In the plan, Harris says she will repeal the Trump/Pence Hate Agenda:

• Reverse Trump’s ban on transgender service members

• Ensure that questions about the LGBTQ+ community are included in the census

• Enforce federal civil rights laws that protect LGBTQ+ people

• Ensure religion cannot be used to discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals

Additionally, Harris promises to establish a Chief Advocate for LGBTQ+ Affairs in the White House, sign the Equality Act into law, sign the Student Non-Discrimination Act into law, and require homeless shelters that receive federal funds cannot discriminate again LGBTQ+ youth.

Regarding HIV, the California senator proposes requiring all insurance plans to cover PrEP as well as bring the cost of the medication down using the government’s authority.

Also in the medical arena, Harris wants to ensure health care coverage of gender confirmation surgery and other gender transition health services as well as guarantee coverage for reproductive services for all LGBTQ+ people including trans and gender non-binary people through her Medicare For All plan.

In terms of crime and the justice system, Harris proposes improving the tracking and reporting of hate crimes, end profiling of LGBTQ+ people by law enforcement, and reform the criminal justice system addressing the disproportionate hard the system has on LGBTQ+ people.

There’s much more on Harris’s campaign website here.

Earlier today, fellow Democratic White House hopefuls Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, released their plans for LGBTQ Americans.

Don’t forget to watch the LGBTQ Town Hall tonight on CNN beginning at 7 p.m. ET.

Joe Biden Calls For Trump To Face Impeachment Proceedings

Joe Biden has publicly called for Donald Trump to face impeachment proceedings
L-R Donald Trump, Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden is DONE with Donald Trump.

For the first time, Biden publicly called for Trump to face impeachment.

Trump, characteristically, couldn’t help himself from trolling Biden on Twitter:

But Biden was just getting warmed up.

He clapped back with SASS! And he threw in a remark about Trump’s eternally-being-audited tax returns while he was at it:

Bernie Sanders Will Not Attend LGBTQ Town Hall

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will not be attending the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s LGBTQ Town Hall on Thursday night after all.

This comes after skipping the GLAAD/Advocate sponsored LGBTQ Forum in Iowa last month.

Initially, his campaign indicated that he had scheduling conflicts for both dates and couldn’t attend.

But after several in the LGBTQ media made note that he was the only top tier presidential candidate to not appear at either event, schedules were somehow rearranged and he was set to take part in the October 10 event in Los Angeles.

The town hall is the only LGBTQ-centric event in the Democratic primary season that will be televised by a major news outlet, CNN.

However, the 78-year-old senator then suffered a heart attack on the campaign trail and was hospitalized for days as doctors inserted two stents to address a blocked artery.

At the time, his campaign issued a statement that read in part, “We are canceling his events and appearances until further notice.”

Additionally, his daughter-in-law Rainè Riggs, died Saturday — two days after being diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer.

Sanders has since indicated he will continue to campaign but reduce the number of events/rallies he attends on a daily basis.

The Sanders campaign has confirmed him for the fourth Democratic debate set for October 15 in Westerville, Ohio, where 12 candidates will take the stage at one time.

Sanders’ health issues come at a particularly bad time.

In the past month, he has seen Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) pass him in the polls putting him in a distant 3rd place in many surveys.

In fact, Warren has – for the first time – just barely surpassed former Vice President Joe Biden to take the top spot in the Real Clear Politics average of polls.

Make sure to tune in for the HRC Foundation’s LGBTQ Town Hall on CNN Thursday, October 10 at 7 p.m.

Ukraine Prosecutor: Hunter Biden “Did Not Violate Anything”

L-R Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani (screen captures)

A former Ukraine prosecutor says Hunter Biden ‘did not violate anything’ in regard to Donald Trump’s ongoing allegations about the son of former Vice President Joe Biden.


“From the perspective of Ukrainian legislation, he did not violate anything,” former Ukrainian prosecutor general Yuri Lutsenko told The Washington Post in his first interview since the disclosure of a whistleblower complaint alleging pressure by President Trump on Ukraine’s president, Volodymr Zelensky.

Lutsenko’s comments about Hunter Biden — which echo what he told Bloomberg News in May — were significant, because Trump and his personal attorney Giuliani have sought to stir up suspicions about both Hunter and former vice president Joe Biden’s conduct in Ukraine in recent weeks. Joe Biden is leading Trump in many opinion polls ahead of the 2020 election.

Hunter Biden has denied any wrongdoing, and there is no evidence he was involved in any lawbreaking in his work in Ukraine with the country’s largest private gas company.

Giuliani has alleged that Hunter Biden was involved in corruption during his nearly five years on the board of Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company. Giuliani has not offered any evidence.

Burisma’s owner came under scrutiny by Lutsenko’s predecessors for possible abuse of power and unlawful enrichment, but Hunter Biden was never accused of any wrongdoing in the investigation.

“Hunter Biden cannot be responsible for violations of the management of Burisma that took place two years before his arrival,” Lutsenko said.

Elizabeth Warren Pulls In $24.6 Million In Q3

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign announced on Friday that it raised $24.6 million in the third quarter of 2019.

That puts the Massachusetts senator just behind Bernie Sanders, who pulled in $25.3 million.

The vast majority of those funds were from small-dollar donations – the average contribution was $26.

More than 300,000 new supporters donated for the first time in the third quarter.

“This means our grassroots movement is in an incredible position,” the campaign said in a statement, “to double down on our investments in grassroots organizing.”

Fund-raising totals announced by other Democratic candidates:

• Mayor Pete Buttigieg: $19.1 million
• Former Vice President Joe Biden: $15.2 million
• Sen. Kamala Harris: $11.6 million
• Former tech executive Andrew Yang: $10 million
• Sen. Cory Booker: $6 million
• Author Marianne Williamson: $3 million