Calendar: “Heart Throbs And Hounds”

Calendar: “Heart Throbs And Hounds”
All photos by Mike Ruiz

Celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz (Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Prince and more) knows a LOT about shooting the male physique.

And now, the handsome lensman is donating those skills to a new charity cause as he pairs woofy men with literal woofers for his 2018 calendar called “HeartThrobs and Hounds.”

The 13-month calendar will make sure you have a reason to smile every single day of 2018.

The calendar features well-known male fitness models including James Ellis, Dragos Sykos, Myles Leask and cover-model Mike O’Hearn.

Calendar: “Heart Throbs And Hounds”

Proceeds from the sale of the calendar will go towards Fur Friends in Need and Lilo’s Promise animal rescue. Both organizations seek to find new homes for abandoned pets.

Both organizations hope the “HeartThrobs and Hounds” 2018 calendar will help change the way people look at rescues.

“People mistakingly assume it is the fault of the animal that it ended up being surrendered or abandoned,” says Nancy Flint, the founder of Fur Friends in Need. “I would say 90% of our animals have no issues whatsoever. It’s their humans who have failed them.”

Adds Schafer, “Shelter pets are not second-hand goods. There are amazing animals in shelters all over the US, including Aladdin and Bordeaux who are featured in the calendar. They simply need a little love to shine!”

Ruiz himself knows the power of saving abandoned furry friends. Five years ago, he saved Oliver, a pit bull that had been left for dead. His experience and longtime relationship with Oliver sparked the idea for an annual calendar combining two personal passions: photography and dogs in need.

Calendar: “Heart Throbs And Hounds”

Every dollar made from the sale of the “HeartThrobs and Hounds” 2018 calendar will go directly to Fur Friends in Need and Lilo’s Promise animal rescues. “The calendar makes a perfect holiday gift for any human being with eyes and a pulse, and it brings awareness to our furry friends in need,” says Mike.

Mike Ruiz’s 2018 calendar, “HeartThrobs and Hounds,” is available for only $19.99 at .