Burger King Apologizes After Employee Refused To Read Ingredients To Blind Customer

Oh, FFS… whatever happened to decency?

From Insider.com:

Burger King has issued an apology to a blind customer after staff refused to tell her the ingredients of a brownie out loud.

After Hall told the staff about her nut allergy, she said, they claimed “company policy” meant she had to read the menu herself.

“I was shocked,” Hall told BBC. “Had I eaten it and it had nuts in, I would’ve had a major asthma attack and ended up in a hospital. In today’s day and age, you’d think they would want to read it and get it right.”

Burger King has since said there was no such policy and the company is “looking into this matter further,” as reported by BBC. The incident occurred at the fast-food chain’s Folkestone branch, located in Kent, a south-eastern county in England.


(photo: Burger King by JeepersMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0)