Budget agreement reached between Senate and House

Budget agreement reached between Senate and House

I have to say I approve of the outcome of the budget negotiations that we’ve all watched unfold in the past few weeks.

Fiscally speaking, I’m pretty moderate. I believe in compromise between parties and chambers of the Federal government. I think we do need to make steps to reduce the national debt, but I think it needs to be done in a thoughtful, moderate manner. To make drastic, heavy handed cuts could negatively impact the slowly but surely improving economy.

What has emerged as the solution, for now, seems fair and a good step forward on many levels. AND it leaves social issues out of the equation – as it should be.

I applaud the work done to get the result the American people have been presented with. While I understand the “rock and a hard place” Speaker Boehner found himself, he made the right choices in jettisoning the social riders and got a good set of budget cuts for his caucus.

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid did well for his caucus in standing up against the social issue riders but agreeing to substantial budget cuts.

It was a dramatic day, but in the end this was a good thing for America.

Not that anyone is asking me, but I approve of where this all landed.