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Boston ‘Straight Pride Parade’ Fails, Participants Outnumbered By Pro-LGBT Protesters

The so-called ‘Straight Pride Parade’ in Boston ended up a massive fail for the organizers as only a small number of participants showed up on Saturday while the pro-LGBTQ counterprotesters far outnumbered those marching.

From NBC News:

The parade, which drew several dozen participants, kicked off at around noon to the sound of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” with some floats displaying messages of support for President Donald Trump, with signs such as “build the wall,” “Trump nation” and “Blue Lives Matter.”

Since plans for the event were announced in early June, organizers have come under criticism. Some critics said that parade organizers are white supremacists whose intent was to bait members of the LGBT community in one of America’s most liberal cities.

The Independent adds:

The organisers of a controversial “Straight Pride” rally are heavily linked with far-right movements and nationalist protests, it has emerged. Now questions have been raised over the past political activities of the trio of men behind the group, John Hugo, Mark Sahady, and Chris Bartley.

Mr. Sahady and Mr. Bartley are both heavily associated with Resist Marxism – a loose ultra-conservative group found to have links to white supremacist organisations – while Mr. Hugo ran, unsuccessfully, for congress in 2018 with an endorsement from the same group.

And from The Washington Examiner:

The small crowd that gathered in support of the parade was met with signs and protesters who seemed to outnumber the parade attendees in the early hours.

Boston police donned riot gear in anticipation of potential violence, as the parade was expected to feature an appearance by conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, who was set to be the grand marshal and mascot for the parade.

The Proud Boys, a far-right group that often clashes with far-left Antifa during demonstrations and gatherings, also made an appearance in Boston for the Saturday parade.

Yiannopoulos was first spotted shortly before 1 p.m. donning a glittering “Make America Great Again” hat. The parade began a short time after, and police began using physical force to maintain order as emotions on both sides ran high.

Photojournalist Bob Bishop reports during his speech at the event, Yiannopoulos told the crowd gays should pay reparations to the families of AIDS victims and Hurricane Dorian may be gods punishment to Florida for allowing Disney to create gay characters.

More from Bishop:

And finally, this little nugget:

Remember, according to the Straight Pride organizers:

“Super Happy Fun America advocates on behalf of the straight community in order to build respect, inclusivity, equality, diversity, unity, solidarity, dignity, social mobility, empowerment, sustainability, justice, awareness, intersectionality, human rights, education, access, participation, dialogue, visibility, tolerance, and alliances with people from all walks of life.

“We encourage everyone to embrace our community’s diverse history, culture, and identity regardless of sexual orientation.”