When You’re ‘Born To Be Wild’ + More InstaHunks

Checking in with some of my favorite InstaHunks this week #eyecandy
(image via Instagram)

Checking in with some of my favorite InstaHunks this week starting with Brandon Ryan, who claimed his theme song.

Ramon Ventura channeled his best Freddie Mercury:

AJ Cast offers his hilarious take on the “father/son football talk:”

Nick Fleming took his 6’6″ self out and about:

Sometimes you just want the beach (and a guy like Matteo to share it with):

As a dancer for over 40 years, I can honestly say the first thing I saw in the pic were his feet:

Flavio felt the pull of the tides:

Andrew Garfield looked beefy (and snack AF) in black leather pants:

Lil Nas X was in bubble bath mode:

Jeremy Pope struck a pose for the premiere of “The Inspection:”

One secret to healthy relationships is good negotiations on what you want:

“AHS: NYC” star Matthew Bishop is getting along with Miami just fine:

JJ Cadwell was sending out those good vibes for FRIYAY:

I suddenly have the urge to check out a book or two from Jozea:

Singer/songwriter Tom Goss dropped his sassy new holiday EP, Big Fat Gay Ass Christmas:

Sam Cushing had some guncle time with his nephew:

Tony C took a twirl on his private stripper pole: