Bomb Threat Cancels Drag Brunch: ‘We Will Kill You All’

Myrtle Beach Police are investigating a hoax bomb threat that led to the evacuation of a restaurant planning to host a drag brunch.
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Police in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, are investigating a bomb threat that resulted in cancelling a drag brunch that was scheduled to be held at a popular restaurant on Sunday: “You deserve to die and we will kill all of you.”

The email threat was received at 11:50 a.m. on Sunday, approximately 40 minutes before the show was scheduled to begin. The show was called off.

From the Myrtle Beach CBS News affiliate:

News13 received the email, which threatened to blow up the Mr. Fish Seafood Restaurant, at 11:50 a.m. Sunday and immediately notified Myrtle Beach police.

Police searched the restaurant for explosives and other threats but found nothing, according to Myrtle Beach Police Master Cpl. Tom Vest.

In the email to News13, the sender said: “We have placed several bombs in the Mr Fish Restaurant, 6401 N Kings Hwy. We are not terrorists hurt children which is why you have this warning to evacuate.”

“You b——- are all child abusers and will all burn in hell,” it said. “This event is grooming children. For all “of human history its been known that the innonence of children should be preserved, you are scarring the future generations with your perverted fantasizes. You deserve to die and we will kill all you f—— for preying on children.”

According to the police, the email included other threats and accusations, and named six people specifically that were targeted to be killed.

Mr. Fish Seafood Restaurant had hosted similar drag brunch events in October and November.

Myrtle Beach Police are asking anyone with possible information about the threat to call 843-918-1382 and reference report number 22-023437.