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Bloomberg Officially Enters Dem Race, Bernie Officially Not Happy About It

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg announces official entry into 2020 presidential race

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg officially declared his entry into the Democratic presidential race on Sunday with an announcement video that highlights his self-made success contrasting his personal story with that of Donald Trump.

Bloomberg has said he will spend what it takes to win, and considering he’s worth $54 billion, he’s definitely got the resources.

According to CNN, Bloomberg has already bought TV ad space to the tune of $37 million over the next two weeks.

As a late entry, Bloomberg’s team says they won’t even try to compete in early states like Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. Instead, he’ll focus on Super Tuesday locations hoping to pick up the necessary delegates.

But Bloomberg has a complicated past as a politician.

He’s switched political parties from Democrat to Republican to Independent depending on which best suited his chances for winning elections; he recently apologized for a “stop-and-frisk” police policy during his tenure as NYC mayor; and his connections to Wall Street are unavoidable.

Top tier contender Sen. Bernie Sanders made it clear he’s not happy about the news.

“We do not believe that billionaires have the right to buy elections, and that is why we are going to overturn Citizens United, that is why multi-billionaires like Mr. Bloomberg are not going to get very far in this election, that is why we are going to end voter suppression in America,” Sanders told supporters at a town hall event on Sunday.