Billy Eichner’s “Billy On The Street” is back

Got to admit this is funny.  There’s something very “Pee Wee Herman” about this.

The New York Times wrote about Billy Eichner’s “Billy On The Street:”

An oddly addictive comedy act wrapped in a game show, “Billy on the Street” takes place entirely outside and features a series of games like “Quizzed in the Face” and “Actress Potato Head.” Winners earn small amounts of cash or worse, an onerous prize, like computer paper. (The rapper Nas, a celebrity guest, won a bird cage, which he did not seem pleased about.) The heart of the show is the spectacle of the tall, gangly Mr. Eichner erupting in disappointed rage (“It’s Kat Dennings, you moron!”) or sharing a strange exchange with a passer-by.

“No one can do what he does,” said Joan Rivers, an early champion. “The only comparison is the first season of Ali G.” She added that a difference is that Mr. Eichner mixes sweetness with his insanity. “If you yell at an old lady for not knowing who Debra Messing is, no one gets hurt. She can still go shopping.”

(h/t Towleroad)