Biden Deploys FEMA In 11 States To Help Vaccination Effort

A FEMA healthcare worker prepares a COVID-19 vaccination
A FEMA healthcare worker prepares a COVID-19 vaccination (image via FEMA)

President Biden ordered FEMA to jump in a help with vaccination efforts across the country, and things are already happening on the ground in several states.

From NBC News:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is deploying or supporting vaccination efforts in at least 11 states after President Joe Biden ordered the government to get on a war footing in his mission to vaccinate 300 million Americans by summer’s end.

The states are Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, according to a FEMA official. Federal workers are also supporting efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the official said.

FEMA has reportedly already set up vaccination sites in four of those states – Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Washington.

In a statement, FEMA said they are “determining where staff support, supplies and other resource gaps are — and then working to fill them.

Items that are funded can include:

• Supplies and commodities needed to safely store and administer the vaccine.
• Transportation support and reasonable, necessary security for refrigerated trucks.
• Medical and support staff.
• Communication materials that keep the public informed.
• Training personnel on vaccine distribution and administration.