Happy 99th Birthday Betty White!

Happy birthday Betty White! Chippendales dancer Jace Crispin surprised White on The Ellen Show
L-R Chippendales dancer Jace Crispin, Betty White (screen capture)

Celebrating the 99th birthday of the awesome, gifted Betty White.

My one brush with the winning Ms. White happened a few years ago at The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

My hubby Michael had to be in New York City with one of his clients when The Ellen Show decided it would be fun to surprise White with a Chippendales dancer. Since Michael was on the other other side of the country, I offered to accompany Chippendale Jace Crispin on a quick in-and-out of Los Angeles for the shoot.

Jace was, as you’ll see, perfection in balancing the sexy without going out of bounds of afternoon TV. I was just barely out of sight backstage while this happened.

Click the image of Jace and White below to play the video clip.

Betty White swoons for Chippendales dancer Jace Crispin
(photo courtesy of The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Plus, Michael and I have been binge watching the 1970s sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show which starred White as the ‘happy homemaker Sue Ann Nivens. Check out some highlights of her MTM days below.

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White’s TV co-stars Ed Asner (Mary Tyler Moore Show) and Valerie Bertinelli (Hot in Cleveland) tweeted their birthday greetings to White.