Beefy Leprechauns + Best Beach Life + More InstaHunks

Laurence Noonan and Stace Houk, who were seriously beefy leprechauns for St. Paddy's Day.
Laurence Noonan and Stace Houk (via Instagram)

Checking in with some of my favorite InstaHunks this week starting with Laurence Noonan and Stace Houk, who served up beefy leprechauns for St. Paddy’s Day…

…while David Torres turned out his sexiest leprechaun look…

…and The LV went with a more casual ensemble:

Shade Andrew went old school for this selfie:

Fabio Costa was beaching his best life:

News guy Steven Romo was all Marvel-ed up from top to toe:

Okkar Min Maung asked a question:

When you’re Matt Pappadia, you might be the hunter, or you might be the hunted:

Karlitos Amarilla is making plans for the summer:

Nathan thinks he finished his cruise in better shape than he started:

Brock Yurich met some puppies:

Big Dipper paused for a pose by the pool (and he might have licked something):

Petr Hollesch visited the Aurora Queen Resort in Finland, a group of glass igloos with spectacular views:

Anthony served up some serious gay boxer daddy realness with photog Ben Fink:

Carter got a bit wet & wild washing his neighbor’s car:

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