Awesomeness: Texas Teen Gets Accepted To All 20 Colleges He Applied To With Full Ride

The college acceptance phase of life can be nerve-wracking.

I was lucky. Back when I was applying to schools, I hit up three – SMU, TCU and Syracuse University – and was accepted at all three. I had decent grades, a good SAT and the theater departments I auditioned for – fortunately – wanted me.

p.s. I went to SU because it had the best musical theatre program in the country at the time.

But here’s an amazing story.

Houston high school student Michael Brown was accepted and given full scholarships to all 20 colleges he applied to.

The high point, though, was when hit top pick – Stanford University – sent their full ride acceptance letter.

From The New York Post;

The 17-year-old from Houston said he didn’t anticipate so many acceptances and remains in shock.

“I was certainly nervous,” Brown told news station KHOU. “I study a considerable amount I think.”

Brown, a Lamar High School student, said that several Ivy League schools, including Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania and Princeton, are among his top choices, according to KHOU.

The teen also has his pick of colleges such as Stanford, Northwestern, Georgetown, Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins. He has until May 1 to make his decision.

When applying to schools, Brown boasted a 4.68 GPA and listed extracurricular activities such as the debate team and Young Democrats.

Brown, who grew up in the low-income neighborhood Third Ward, said he encourages others to not let their circumstances prevent them from working toward their dreams.

“Be helpful. Dream big. Don’t be afraid,” Brown told KHOU. “Be proud of your family, love yourself, love your community and then share your story. Inspire other people to really reach for the stars and achieve their dreams.”