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Attorney For One Of Roy Moore’s Accusers Turns Down Sean Hannity In Epic Style

Sean Hannity

A producer for Fox News‘ Sean Hannity program reached out to one of Roy Moore’s accusers to invite the woman on his show to discuss the many allegations of sexual misconduct by Moore.

As many of you know, Hannity has had Moore himself on his show wherein he gave Moore the most softball interview of his life.

The lawyer for Gloria Deason totally called the booker at Fox News out for the ridiculous invite.

This is how it’s done, kids.

“Thank you for the invite. Please tell Sean Hannity that I would never submit a survivor of abuse to the inevitable on-camera bullying and persecution by him. Mr. Hannity chose to believe and support Roy Moore immediately after learning about the numerous accusations against him describing sexual assault, child molestation and harassment.

“Mr. Hannity has belittled, defamed and engaged in an on-air campaign against the victims of Mr. Moore. He is totally uninterested in discovering the truth. He gave Mr. Moore a lazy, softball interview which his own panel did not find credible. In fact, the panel mocked Mr. Moore over his inconsistencies and lies.

“It is laughable to assume that Mr. Hannity is capable of conducting a fair and balanced interview. He is not known for journalistic integrity. He is merely seeking an opportunity to publicly attack and further defame Mr. Moore’s vulnerable victims.

“Well that’s not happening. Not on my watch.

“Respectfully, Paula Cobia – Attorney for Gloria Deason”


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