Aspen Gay Ski Week + More Eye Candy

Chase Carlson and David Nazar show out at Aspen Gay Ski Week 2023
Chase Carlson and David Nazar (via Instagram)

Checking in with some favorite InstaHunks starting with Chase Carlson and David Nazar, who showed out at the Aspen Ski Week.

This is how Matt Pappadia waits for his pizza.

Sterling Walker can find that ‘right light:’

Chris Bednarik sent regards from Indonesia:

Okkar Min Maung can do some true blue:

Marek served up some serious thicc boy energy:

Curt put on a free show for his neighbors:

Carter and Alex enjoy the beach in different ways:

I’d probably watch more cooking shows if they served up some Daniel Rankin:

Matthew Camp was looking snack AF:

Sam Cushing dropped some moves with his mom:

Brett Morse was feeling smooth, clean and…cold:

Rico and Thane were making a positive impact on Times Square:

Graphic artist Silverjow gave us a reason to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit: