As Hurricane Sandy approaches…

The Wall Street Journal reports:

U.S. airlines have canceled more than 4,700 flights due to depart Sunday and Monday, ahead of the expected landfall early Tuesday of Hurricane Sandy. Airlines canceled 1,030 domestic and international services on Sunday and a further 3,680 due to depart Monday, with east coast airports expected to decide later Sunday whether or not to close. Airports from Washington, D.C. up to Boston were implementing contingency plans, with the ability of staff to reach work and control towers to remain open in high winds among the key concerns. Most air traffic control towers close when winds reach 60 to 70 knots, but many of the early disruptions are because of mass transit shutdowns that have affected the availability of airline and airport staff, FlightAware said. New York is shutting down its transit system beginning at 7 p.m. local time on Sunday. Newark Liberty International Airport accounted for almost a quarter of the U.S. cancellations, with 1,080 services to and from the United Airlines’ hub scrubbed over the next two days. United is suspending operations on Monday and early Tuesday at Newark and Dulles International Airport, as well as 24 others including Boston, Philadelphia and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Amtrak has suspended service along the northeast corridor. Local NYC news also reports that inland and midtown hotels are filling up with evacuees from Zone A.  Emergency planners advise that all travelers should plan to spend at least the next two days in whatever location they are tonight.

The Broadway League has announced that all Broadway and Off Broadway shows have been canceled for tonight and tomorrow.   Refunds are available through ticket sellers.

(via JMG)