Arizona Gov Vetoes Anti-LGBTQ Education Bill

Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona vetoed a bill that would have prohibited any inclusion of LGBTQ topics or history in schools

In a somewhat surprising move, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has vetoed legislation that would have curtailed the state’s sex education laws and would have prohibited any mention of LGBTQ issues or history.

In a statement, the governor called the bill, SB 1456, “overly broad and vague” adding he was concerned about “unintended consequences.”

From Goshen News:

The proposed law, Senate Bill 1456, would have barred all discussions about gender identity, sexual orientation or HIV/AIDS in sex education classes unless parents are notified in advance and specifically opt in for the instruction.

The proposal applied outside of sex ed classes as well, requiring parents to agree to have their children learn about historical events such as a discussion of the modern gay rights movement that sprang from the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York.

It also banned any sex ed classes before 5th grade, which opponents have said will put young students who now learn about “good touch-bad touch” to avoid molestation at greater risk.

Although he vetoed the bill, Ducey did issue an executive order requiring schools to post sex education course materials in advance online. He also ordered there to be early notice of school board meetings where sex ed might be discussed.

Democratic lawmakers in the state opposed the legislation saying it was dangerous for already-marginalized LGBTQ youth.

Kathy Hoffman, superintendent of schools for Arizona, publicly opposed the bill as well calling for the veto. And she applauded his move today.