Are you kidding me??? David Tyree for discrimination

This has to fall under the heading “are you kidding me???”

Giants 2007 Super Bowl hero David Tyree said he’d trade “The Catch” and the team’s championship to keep marriage between one man and one woman.

“The catch was a gift, it’s not like I’d try to do it. I couldn’t do it again so that was a miracle,” he said. “There’s nothing worth more than [maintaining heterosexual marriage] right here for me.”

Asked if he’d give up the Super Bowl to stop gay marriage, Tyree said: “Honestly, I probably would.”

He said last week gay marriage would lead to anarchy. Today, he said, the morality of a country is defined by its law.

Ironically, this comes almost 44 years after laws against interracial marriage were struck down.  SRSLY.

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