Anti-gay Kirk Cameron says “no” to bullied NJ kids

Anti-gay Kirk Cameron says “no” to bullied NJ kids

Anti-gay NOM spokesman Kirk Cameron has responded to the request of a meeting by a group of bullied New Jersey kids.

His response was “no.”

Cameron’s spokesman sent the group an email:

I promise you his goal is not one of trying to hurt people in any way, in fact it is just the opposite. He has a concern for their well being – not only now, but eternally. He goes out to share a positive message through events like this weekend and I assure you he will only be presenting a positive/ inspiring message. I would like to suggest if you really are interested in Kirk’s thoughts on the matter, you can listen online to the interviews and comments Kirk has shared where he was given ample time to communicate his heart and thoughts. I hope you can attend the event and see for yourself.

Garden State Equality responds: “Kirk Cameron has asked us to look into his heart. Now we know the sentiment there: ‘Let Them Eat Hate.’”

I’m not sure I understand Kirk’s reticence to meet with these kids. If he truly wants to help and communicate with them, isn’t face to face the most direct way to do so?

Let’s remember some of Kirk’s “positive/inspiring messages” like this one on CNN where he says homosexuality is “unnatural, detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization”: