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Anti-gay Brian Brown whines about Kentucky marriage equality ruling

Brian Brown, president of the anti-gay hate group National Organization for Marriage, issued this statement today after a federal judge ruled Kentucky’s ban on recognition of same-sex marriages from other states was unconstitutional based on the 14th Amendment:

“Today yet another federal judge has entered the competition for lawlessness on the marriage front,” said Brian Brown, NOM President.

“Today’s decision emphasizes the need for Congressional action to prevent our states’ marriage laws from spiraling further into chaos.

“Congress needs to explicitly reinforce the sovereign right of the states to make their own determinations regarding marriage, and to have those determinations respected by the federal government-which would include having those determinations protected from coerced modification through dubious readings of the 14th amendment such as we have here.”

I would suggest that, instead of “lawlessness,” perhaps the problem isn’t with the judges who rule over and over and over again on the unconstitutionality of these laws.

When so many courts cases (Prop 8; DOMA; marriage equality in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Utah) come to the same conclusion – maybe it’s not the judges.

Maybe, Brian Brown, the problem is you.