An Act Of Kindness & The Magic Of Movies

An act of kindness, and the magic of movies at Christmastime.

This comment on the YouTube video for Josh Groban’s “Believe” from Polar Express has received over 1,000 responses:

I remember when i didnt like christmas bcuz i was a little black boy who saw everyone else with a “complete” family, but i only had my brother and my ma. They always seemed happy, while my ma seemed stressed all the time. so i kept to myself, hoping that at least someone seen that i was hurt especially on a holiday.

But no one did. I started to think that wen people say “christmas bring ppl together” was shitty at only the age of 6.

But an old white lady at school saw my hurt, and made my time at the school fun. She gave me things, taught me things, played with me (oh, is it appropriate to say its tough to literally have u and ur brother as the only blacks at that school?), and treated me with more respect than anyone at the school.

One day, she called me out of class, and to be honest i thought she was mad at me, but she took me out to see this movie (Polar Express). I was so happy, it was jus like yesterday.

Maybe bcuz i was a innocent little kid then, but i felt like she was family. I never knew someone like her would make that hate for christmas turn into pure love and respect.

I never seen her since, but Im 17 now, 11 yrs later, and one of the best christmas gifts ever is to see her again and thank her for turning that hate into straight happiness all year round. Not only for Christmas. She had a big impact on who i am today.

Idk whos reading this, but i hope the rest of your years here on earth is great. Happy holidays!

“You have everything you need, if you just believe.”