Amazon Warehouse Worker Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Amazon Warehouse Worker Tests Positive For Coronavirus

An Amazon warehouse worker in Queens, New York, has tested positive for the Coronavirus rattling many of the employees who are already concerned for their health as they work in close proximity to others during the health crisis.

Via The Atlantic:

Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Queens, New York, received a text Wednesday evening that they long feared might come: “We’re writing to let you know that a positive case of the coronavirus (COVID-19) was found at our facility today.”

This is the realization of a major threat to Amazon’s operations. Millions of people across the nation are cloistered inside their homes, many of them relying on the company to provide basic goods.

Amazon is already struggling to meet demand, and some employees feel they’re being unfairly endangered by working in warehouses filled with other workers. It’s unclear how deliveries could continue if the workers who sort, pack, and ship Americans’ goods start getting sick in droves.

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