Alabama Issues New Death Certificate Recognizing Marriage Of Paul Hard To David Fancher

Paul Hard of Alabama applies for death certificate for his late husband

Amid all the joy and happiness happening today in Alabama, a more subdued moment occurred when Paul Hard, whose husband David Fancher had died, filed for a new death certificate recognizing his marriage.

Fancher was killed in a car accident in 2011. At the time, upon arriving at the hospital armed with power of attorney, living will and their marriage certificate, he was told that the hospital wanted to speak to his “real” family.

Ultimately, his evil mother-in-law went to court to try and cut Hard out of the proceeds of a wrongful death lawsuit, saying the marriage was not recognized by the state – and she wanted to keep it that way. (State law only allows for legal family members to receive such funds).

Thanks to Judge Granade’s ruling on same-sex marriage, Hard was able to receive a new death certificate today acknowledging his marriage.